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November 8, 2016 — California General Election

Board Member, Trustee Area 3Fullerton Joint Union High School DistrictNovember 8, 2016California General Election

November 8, 2016California General Election

Fullerton Joint Union High School DistrictBoard Member, Trustee Area 3

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  • 100% of precincts reporting (35/35).

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Governing Board Member, Fullerton Joint Union High School District, Trustee Area 3
10,829 votes (87.1%)Winning
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  • Continue to preserve core programs and enhance our programs to meet the 21st Century careers and higher education opportunities
  • Enhance our employee and district excellence throughout our district with transparent communication and continuing to work on improving employee relationships.
  • Support the many changes and follow through with all of the great things we have started. Some examples include; new technology, Arts integration, bond projects, Plummer Auditorium, and many more projects
Profession:Governing Board Member, FJUHSD / Math Teacher
7th & 8th Grade Math Teacher, Ladera Vista Jr. High in the Fullerton School District (2000current)
Governing Board Member, Fullerton Joint Union High School District — Elected position (2012current)
National University Masters of Arts (M.A.), Multicultural Education (2003)
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Bachelor of Science , Management & Human Resources (1999)
Photo of  Faith Sarupa Mukherjee
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Faith Sarupa Mukherjee

I am a writer who brings awareness about different pressing problems to suggest solutions.
1,599 votes (12.9%)
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  • Transparency and Accountability in all activities I am responsible for as a Trustee of the School Board. To that effect, I will ask pertinent question to the relevant person to get clarification in case of any doubt.
  • Transparency and accountability in all activities I am responsible for as a Trustee of teh School Board. I will aslk pertinent questions to get clarification should there be any doubt.
  • Being exemplary myself, I will encourage them to emulate role models, to learn what desirable standards are and how to live up those. For that, I will take extra steps to consult pedagogues and students to find out what obstacles they are facing.
Profession:I am a writer who brings awareness about different pressing problems to suggest solutions.
Graduate ( Research) Assistant under Prof Stanley Morain, Director, Technology Application Center ( UNM) (19901991)
GraduateTeachingAssistantUnderProfMarcArmstrong.CompLabTech&ProctorDPSS, University Of Iowa, Iowa City (19891990)
Graduate Assistant : Under Professor John Stafford , Director, DeptOfGeog, University of South Florida (USF), Tampa: (19881989)
Ledger Clerk,, Price Water House (branch) (19861987)
Instructor of Children’s Computer learning Program, Nehru Children’s Museum ( India) (19871987)
(1)LoretoHS (2)GMHS (3)PresidencyCollege (4)Cal.Univ.(5)RegionalComputerCenter(6)CommColl-Victorville,Riverside&IrvineVa (1)Gen(2)Education & Political Science(3)Geography(Major),Political Science & Economics(Add. Compulsory)(4)Geog.(5)COBOL (current)
(1)LoretoHS(2)GMHS)(3)PresidencyCollege(4)Cal.Univ(5)Regional Comp.Ctr(6)UnivOf Iowa,Iowa City(7)Vic.Vil.,Riv,IrvineVal (1)HS Dip(2)PostSecon.Dip(3)B.S Deg.(4)M.S Deg(5)Cert. Adv.Computer Prog.(6)Attended PH.D program(7)CommunityColleges , (1) Genaral (2) Education, Pol. Sc. ( 3) Geog.( Major) wiith Political Sc. & Economics ( Additonal Compulsory) (4)Geog. (2015)
(1)LoretoHS (2)GMHS (3)PresidencyCollege (4)Cal.Univ.(5)RegionalComputerCenter(6)CommColl-Victorville,Riverside&IrvineVa (1)HS Diploma (2)Post Secondary Diploma (3) B.S Degree(4) M.S Degree(5) Cert Adv Comp Prog (6)Cert in WebDesign & HTML. , (1)Gen(2)Education & Political Science(3)Geography(Major), Political Science & Economics(Add. Compulsory)(4)Geo.(5)COBOL (2015)
(1)LoretoHS(2)GMHS(3)PresidencyCollege(4)Cal.Univ(5)RegionalComputerCenter(6)CommColl-Victorville,Riverside&IrvineValley (2015)
Editor, Cultural Secretary, Vice President , Rotary (/Rotaract) Club (19841987)
Cultural Secretary, Dept of Geog. Presidency College (19801983)
Leadership Training , Leadership Training Service (Loreto HS) (19741975)


Name:  FAITH  Sarupa  Mukherjee   ( as appears on Ballot for Board Trustee of Fullerton Joint Union High School District AREA 3)


D.O.B: 3/22/1960.


Occupation:  Writer.  I write to build Awareness and suggest


solutions to pressing problems.  Proposed a temporary viable solution t to house the homeless overnight. Currently attempting to enrich curriculum in  Public School education.








Post .Secondary : Political Science, Education.


Bachelor of Science from  Presidency College in Geography (Major)  specialization in Planning and Settlement ( scored Distinction from Cal. University). with Economics  and Political Science (Compulsory Additional).


Master of Science ( Cal. University ) in Geography  with specialization in Hydrology ( scored Distinction) - suggested alternative location of Cal. Port..


PhD  program in Geography ( University of Iowa(UOI), City of Iowa). 


Regional Computer Center : Advanced Computer Programming


Opted out of PhD for a second Master’s Degree (pending) from University of New Mexico (UNM), Albuquerque. Completed Dissertation on Remote Sensing Techniques  at Technology Application Center ( TAC) at UNM - approved by Dr. Gary Mastin (NASA) and Professor Ahluwalia, Physics Department ( UNM). While in PhD program, became a victim of incessant crimes, for decades, in hands of a stalker – still at large - who ruined my life and career advancement, stole my liberty and  properties.






Positions held:


Ledger Clerk, Price Water House (branch)


Trainee Computer Programmer: Annyesha


Production-In-Charge, Harzan export House


Instructor of Computer Programming : Lloyd’s Bank


Instructor of Children’s Computer learning Program at Nehru Children’s Museum




University Employments


University of South Florida (USF), Tampa:


Graduate Assistant : Under Professor John Stafford , Director, Department of Geography( USF)


Intern: Hillsborough County Engineering Department under Director Fritz Ruhe.


University Of Iowa, Iowa City:


Graduate Teaching Assistant under Professor Marc Armstrong;


Computer Laboratory Technician .


Proctor at Disabled Students Program & Services.. 


Technology Application Center (UNM)


Graduate ( Research) Assistant under Professor Stanley Morain, Director Of Technology Application Center.






Leadership Training Service (Loreto school).


Cultural Secretary (Presidency College).


Editor, Cultural Secretary


Vice President ( Rotary/Rotaract Club).




Observer (Presidency College newsletter)


International Journal of Ecology and Ekistics ( Paper on Leaching),


Observer (Fullerton newspaper)


Symposium presentation : Statute of Limitation ( Irvine Valley College) &  more






Loreto high school: Academic Proficiency Award 


Univ. Of  Cal. : National Scholarship  and


TATA Scholarship


Community colleges : “Academic Achievement’ ( Riverside );


Irvine Valley College: Essay contest


‘Woman of Distinction’ Award  in Education,  awarded by Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk Silva (by incumbent for upcoming election) from  65th Assembly District, County of Orange.


 As the Vice President of Rotary(/Rotaract) Club, I designed a Curriculum and conducted an English Learning course which was taught at teh St. Xavier's College by some members  of the club and me to help the college students make for teh deficiencies they had to face interviews, make written complaints etc despite being proficient in their subhects/fields of study. It gave them a better chanceto compete with English speaking students.

My experience in teaching - beginning from imparting education to children of Elementary school, private tutoring high school students, computer training of children and adult bank employees, working as Teaching Assistant at MS and PhD level, apart from proctoring for handicapped students, being a sibling myself of a developmentally retarded child- together with my theoretical knowledge, acquired at Post-Secondary level in Education, which I opted for as an Elective subject, gave me enough opportunity to be in an environment of teaching as well as learning, both as a teacher and a student, for about 30 years. Extra - Curricular activities included participating in Leadership Training Service, shouldering responsibilities as house captain in High school, rendering social service (for about 4 years) as an editor of the newsletter. Cultural secretary and then as a vice president of a Worldwide renown Social welfare organization. I have also been in work environment as a trainee programmer, data checker at the Physics Department of UNM, Albuquerque, NM, Library employee and a few more positions which gave me a good idea about job environments other than teaching. In my personal life, past few decades, I have become a victim of incessant crimes committed by a criminal stalker - still at large -which I had to fight all by myself to protect myself, keeping my morals, ethics, faith in GOD intact instead of cowing down and giving in. Having the opportunity to begin my academic life in a Christian school followed by Primary school and other Catholic schools ( Carmel High and Loreto school), and thereafter finishing from a Post-Secondary School enriched and empowered my mind to accept and respect diversity.


Funding for Schools

A recent law made major changes in the way that the state allocates funding to schools.  What will you do to ensure that the public understands your local control formula for school spending and your plan to measure outcomes?

Answer from Faith Sarupa Mukherjee:


The major changes, brought about by the Law indicated above, through implementation of Local Control Funding Formula(LCFF) and Local Control Accountability Plan(LCAP), in terms of flexibility, accountability, transparency and equitability have replaced the old system of rigidity, opacity and equality, disregarding variable extents of need(s) of each students. LCFF, introduced for school spending, identifies students as high/low need(s), to expend commensurately with the extent of their need(s), counting the student with multiple-needs, only once, for allotting funds.  Outcomes on PROP 51, 52 decide allotment for facility construction/maintenance.


As for Assessment while learning, and thereafter, being measured on outcomes of successes/failures - not only of the Students but Pedagogues, Instructional, Educational programs, and Administrative support and services, is reflected as a combined outcome - are to be accounted for/inferred from annual School Accountability Report Card (SARC), as mandated by State.  LCAP, endowed with flexibility to decide the amount of school spending based on assessment of needs of School & Students, after garnering inputs from Pedagogues, Community, and Environment - inclusion of which I suggest, in terms of water/air quality, narcotics exposure etc. which impact students, acting upon their hereditary characteristics - under the categories of, but not limited to, circumstantially, financially, socio economically, physically and emotionally disturbed, apart from facility construction/maintenance need. Examples of existing methods measuring outcomes are- CAASPP, SBAC, CELDT, API, IB, BEAST a-g, AVID, JROTC, CTE, ASAM, STRP.


Student Success Act, prompted Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) to be adopted based on 8 State Priority Areas, broadly grouped under: Student Access & Student Achievement ; Student Engagement & Student Climate; and Pedagogical/ Involvements.  Collection of data on these groups, on state-wise matrix, under three Educational rubrics: Self- Assessment, Support and Intervention, are being conducted. Heavy emphasis on Academic Achievements should be tempered with introduction of Life Skills Development on lines of Self -Realization Fellowship techniques – suggested by the project submitted by me to the Superintendent of FJUHSD - for All-round development in terms of commendable character, values, humanity, brain for academic excellence, logic, reasoning, critical thinking, capabilities for mitigation/overcoming problems, which are to be inculcated by simulating real-life situations to improve school climate. Qualitative-Quantitative scale, I suggest, be developed for precise measurements, in compliance with State provided Assessment Templates.


Based on extent of needs, funds for allocation is being calculated by a complex 7-step process to come up with an amount due to each child every year. To begin with, in 2013-14 a 12% of the total due to a student at end of 2021 has been added to the original fixed ( old system) funding. Thereafter, in 2014-15, 30% more has been added to the new total (of the fixed plus 12%) during the preceding school-year. In 2015-16, 51.5% more has been added to the total disbursed in 2014-15. Following this, within the next five years, if the state budget permits, the rest of the balance of the 10,000PLUS (total assigned) is supposed to be disbursed to each student as opposed to a fixed equal 6,000PLUS.



I declared my candidacy for School Board Trustee, which does not require to have any political affiliation. However, I would still like to express my philosophies, and purposes for proposing the Project, I mentioned in the BASICs section,  behind how education system can be enriched to offer students all-round development, empowered with life skills, as follows:


My strong Spiritual life was initiated by learning from my dad, a direct disciple of the founder of Self Realization Fellowship ( SRF), who lovingly inculcated in him, amongst a few other direct disciples, spiritual techniques that involve practicing certain simple forms of daily exercises simultaneously , controlling mind and meditating thereafter to connect to GOD. This varied gamut of much needed experiences, woven as a uniform tapestry on my mind, can help me lay a platform for the children of today's world - rented with drug abuse, immorality and various other undesirable distractions, distortions, weaknesses - to evolve with an all-round development.


To attain this, the concept that GOD, the supreme force that created us, is not without but within us, is primary, followed by the realization of our inner selves and then achieving our goals based on such realizations, by developing our potentials and making up for deficiencies. Character building, by drawing upon /developing our essential intrinsic strength of that Supreme force/energy for effective Self-disciplinal - in absence of (not more than a very few) images to emulate - endeavors is to be carried out in diversely challenging environments by overcoming those seemingly 'impossible to overcome' situations in real-life based upon one's fortitude, resilience and trust in GOD. Body building techniques galore but this proposed program entails body building commensurate with spiritual development as has been uniquely designed by the reverend founder of SRF.


The concept of Unity in Diversity, I strongly feel, should be inculcated right from school level so that the differences in this world that give rise to unrest and an atmosphere devoid of peace, can greatly be diminished. The underlying connection that exist between scriptures, life's elements and all humans as created by our Creator, often overlooked, should be effected to be imbibed as cultural uniqueness are imbibed. The Pedagogues should cause such evolutions to be effected in students the extent of such effectiveness should be considered as yardstick(s) to measure the contributions Educators Effectiveness Grant Fund  can compensate for. That would go a long way to pave the way for a peaceful world adorned by peaceful co-existence


Awareness of the unseen, both in terms of Occultism and Divine Spirituality, are to be brought about conceptually to enable learners to distinguish and recognize the inherent fundamental differences. Physical, mental and spiritual energy-generating techniques are included as major part of such extra-curricular activities. Expected Real -life problems should be presented under different "lights and shades " by exposing students to simulated situations in laboratories taking into account the problems they face in real world situations, considering the sky as the roof of such a classroom, with the cooperation of their immediate and extended family, friends and connections. To drive to that end, taking genuine interest to verify complaints is an integral part of mutual success. For instance, while I was taking a course on Computer Security at Victorville College, I was facing the problem of hackers on the school computers I had to work on. It was almost impossible for me to prove that because no professor believed such complaints. I was about to give up trying to prove my worth. However, my professor of that course took time off from his own work while I was working, to observe me from behind for several days to verify. He discovered the truth himself . That is how much concerned he was for his students. That is the kind of dedication that should be ensured by teachers for assured success of their students.


Solution-based Real -life skills, before and after learning how to deal with those adverse circumstances, will .be scored. Not just laboratories, pantries should supply food that aid in nurturing proper growth and all-round development. To that effect, ability to choose and eat the right kind of foods for different health conditions and also to locate their sources should be included as a part of the curriculum. Skills for daily needs like sowing, gardening, preparing food should also be included as Additional Compulsory^ part of the Curriculum. Besides, selected readings that bring awareness and broaden minds to help cast off narrowness should be encouraged. This acquired knowledge together with creativity should be reflected in writing skills maintaining relevance, diction and decorum. Preparation to deal with Circumstantial handicap such as homelessness, estranged family- relations, disturbing/frustrating home environments and disgruntled/sabotaged work-environment, besides developing discretion to recognize and ward off erroneous notions or advise - handed down by parents/relatives /teachers - and imbibe the ones that are honorable time-tested values, should be included in self-development section of the curriculum. I have published an article in Fullerton Observer with regards to the problem of homelessness and a follow-up article on its solution at almost no-cost (to be published) which can ' provide regular sleeping opportunity for families which will benefit homeless school-going children. This problem was raised as an issue by Assembly woman Sharon Quick-Silva, during her tenure. Apart from the features already mentioned in the foregoing statement of intention, logical and critical thinking capabilities, abilities to focus/concentrate in study matters, developing conscience for transparency and accountability and above all, practicing humanity, amongst others, which have already been adopted by the Board, as goal and priorities, are to be taught hand in hand with the plan/programs presented by me, in outline above, for ultimate success.


Evidently, my proposed project, in essence, is in close keeping with the Statement of Purpose ( 2017/18) presented by Superintendent Scot Scambray, together with the goals and priorities succinctly set forth by the existing Trustees, Principal and him "To test and approve what God's will is—His good, pleasing and perfect will" Romans 12:2 (New International version).


A vianle solution for housing the homeless of Orange County, overnight, in tents of their tents with family and friend(s


Excellence in education, I strongly feel, is being measured implicitly lby laying  heavy emphasis on academic achivements only, without evaluating them (after training them) on life skills which ensures more success. Circumstntially handicapped, specially the homeless apart from students with other handicaps, are being funded equitably in schools ignoring the circunstances of their life outside the schools, which undeniably, influences their performance at school and  ultimate success in life.                                                                                                                                                                                                     Below I have presented a case of such a student to show how her life and career were ruined by an Evil criminal stalking her for  decades, rendering her homeless despite which she still maintained faith in GOD and conducted herself to serve Him by practicing SRF techniques which I submitted in September 2016, to the SuperIntendent and the Executine Director of Administration of  Fullerton Joint Union High School District as a project to introduce in the School curriculum for All round developmnet, even if they are in denial of GOD, and also suggested an alternative to house the homeless, specially the ones who are schoolgoing andthe ones  holding jobs to get a good nights sleep all year round.



Following the publication of my article in Observer's mid Sept 'l 3 issue in which 1 suggested Brea Dam Park, as an alternative site to house the homeless until the year round 24 shelter opens - satisfying the requirements of SB2 within a two-year time period-1 was given to understand that the Brea Dam Park site has already been turned down by the Fullerton Council on the basis of lack of permitting provision for such uses in the Municipal zoning code.                                  I would like to re-capitulate how the state de fairs marked by procrastinations due to endless waves of \ opposition after opposition, make if seem that if the homeless are housed they will commit crimes but not when free to transcend the barriers of Municipal boundaries and wander around. This boon of democracy has boiled down to a dilemma which is degenerating the conditions of life of the homeless in general and deterring the progress of the educated homeless into an extremely sorry state! As stated by OC Interfaith 35,000 are homeless – out of which 12.000 are children, - who need a shelter every night in OC!! The scenario has been bleak for the homeless, be it a retired veteran, victim of crimes without any relief or remedy, ones affected by ill-health, exorbitant medical bills, addiction, or just ill-fated degree holder holder student.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     It It is undeniable, that at this  juncture, a temporary very low or no cost arrangement to house the homeless is a dire need. From psychological stand point of the hapless, who have no alternative but to suffer increased agitation endlessly for want of much- needed rest at night, can culminate into a situation of unrest and violence. Increased crimes, loitering and-the nuisance associated with the homeless are obvious outcomes of sleep deprived minds too.            When one turns to what is already in existence, the CRAIG REGIONAL PARK is a site worth considering. It has wide expanse marked by flat land which forms mainly the higher land above the storm drainage, tree covered, a duck pond, water fountains, restrooms, proximity to buses and a few other attractive features.  Inside that Regional Park is Trail Rest Park, as its very name evidently and self-explanatorily suggests, which offer a place to rest which is in conformance with the municipal zoning codes of Fullerton. Hence, when it's use is extended,  it can afford a site for the homeless to rest too — only during nights, after park hours. Please refer to my original article submitted to OCRegister for publication for detailed analysis of the relevant codes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Taking into consideration that flimsy tents cannot withstand the force of strong winds and other inclement weather conditions like rain, and temperature below 50 degree, some churches like Light House church in Costa Mesa open their doors to house the homeless on those nights. Impediments like these can be mitigated thus. Needless to emphasize that the City would not incur much expenditure, if a few Security officers are appointed to maintain a safe environment over the night . Serving food to local churches and food banks in the vicinity to take care of offering food to carry, can be a simple solution almost at no-cost, which cannot beat common sense based understanding.                                                                                                                                                     In my opinion, the potential significant impact could only be a positive one, reflecting development of the area, in terms of providing a launching pad for this, hitherto, neglected section of our society, to have an acceptable, long awaited minimum standard of human life and living, to facilitate a giant leap forward to be a part of the larger society. It is obvious that the growing homeless population due to the slump in economy that lacks enough jobs will require Open Spaces which will not explode in order to handle the (expected) increased crowd seeking shelter. However, it is not hard for a reasonable mind to understand that to house and manage an enlarged homeless mass Open spaces are more convenient than the confines of four walls. I, therefore, propose an Open Space site like the Trail Rest Park as a wiser choice. Couples can sleep in double tents while even families of four - man woman with two small kids- can fit inside those enjoying comfortable privacy. Not only that. The spread of airborne diseases through sneezing, coughing will be reduced to a great extent - a great relief for the ones who cannot afford health insurance. Moreover, the fights that take place mostly in the restrooms and showers – Armory  has only two restrooms for a crowd that expands beyond 200 in number at times - are likely to get reduced making it easier for Mercy House and Security officers to handle. Dysfunction, in this case, could well be ascribed to the type of the facility - designed for typical need of the US Army - that had to be used to house the homeless for want of a suitable one.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               However, the homeless for sure cannot pay money for their shelters being victims of their circumstances which resulted from the well-known domino effect of failure to secure jobs spatially, during economic slump period, being victims of wrong doings without being able to seek justice or denied justice altogether ,physical and/or mental disabilities, being financially overburdened with medical and other bills which singly or as a combined force weigh down to render them homeless.                                                                                                                                                                                                   That much for the general homeless population. However, portrayal of a real-life case for whom circumstances are way beyond control to thwart one’s very existence - deserves to be considered, treated, and provided for, under some different provisions. How professionally qualified homeless persons, equipped with degrees and skills, or making honest efforts to acquire degrees, are affected, is presented below: The ill-fate of the subject of this story began more than two decades ago, as a victim of manipulation and lies by an imposter, who is nothing but a three-day acquaintance, for which she had to get out of the PhD Program she was doing well in and had to give up her Teaching Assistantship job she was holding successfully, at the same University! She was, thereafter, manipulatively locked by that imposter inside an apartment which got foreclosed after six months and during that period she lost all her possessions - car, jewelries, all original degree certificates, diplomas, dissertations and publications etc. because of grand theft. This atrocity by that imposter, stalker sealed her future professional career/life completely. Besides that, each and every aspects of her life was being controlled by him by setting up an electronic prison! Not only all properties, her life and liberties were cruelly snatched from her too by isolating her from the society and main stream of life, through manipulations and use of utter lies! Thereafter, she became a victim of exploitation, repeated thefts, deliberately bred hostility with people, mistreatment, incessant crimes, battering to mess with her facial features to mess with her ID, ID theft, abuses, tortures, discrimination, deprivation in every way in the prison set up by that imposter to enslaved her! False labels were manipulatively pasted on her by him using his brother who were not well versed with the methodology of conducting evaluations. Slandering, Bullying not only based on false labels but by imposing compelling circumstances on her marked her miserable life. He used that, as his trump card, to get his way everywhere so that no one believes her or care to even verify with her, regarding the veracity of what convincing lies he was circulating to justify accessing her life, liberties and properties! Consequently, due to extreme abuse and related stresses and strains, she developed serious medical problems. Although she was visiting clinics, she did not have any formal diagnoses until Obamacare was introduced because that imposter manipulated the medical environment in his favor. Consequently, she could neither receive any housing nor any income from the government. The demand of this hostage situation is clear; She will have to give in to him or else she will be held homeless without any disability, or for that matter, any form of income at all. She was single handedly fighting, all alone to preserve and exert her rights as a human. She could only stay at temporary or overnight shelters for short time because he kept tracking/ stocking her down everywhere. She had no escape from this situation that trapped her, to enjoy recovery from deprivation of life, health, liberty, property. No Affordable Housing program would accept her if she could not pay 30%. Section 8 housing excludes applicant from staying overnight in three major cities where both the homeless and homeless shelters, are concentrated. For students in her situation, text books which she cannot afford, come in the way of completing some courses. Hence, dropping out or withdrawing remains to be the only options. EOPS rule dictate that no books will be given to students who have any degree. She has BS and MS degree from abroad and her second Master's degree was unjustifiably denied by the Chair of her Dissertation Committee, due to the interference of that imposter! \While she was doing legal studies without being able to purchase any text books, she was successful in formally presenting the research topic she began working on, in 2012, at a Symposium. Unfortunately, she could not begin working on her research for failing to apply for Grants to ensure desired quality of research for having no stable place to live. Moreover, that imposter stole all her original academic, job experience and related documents, copies of dissertations and publications to eclipse her career. Procuring documents from her PhD program is posing formidable problems too, for which, she cannot apply for any job or research grants either!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Food stamps limits choice of foods for people like her who have dietary restriction. Food banks and feeding are designed to cater to homeless population who do not have to commit to school schedule. She has to devote a lot of time to extricate herself from the endless messes made and is continuously being made by that imposter, who works like a sniper, both directly and indirectly - mesmerizing or bribing mostly unsuspecting people by turning them against her! The homeless who have SSI/SSD, including the ones who enjoy it without any convincing reasons, can afford to pay for motels. A large section of the homeless , population can buy their own food so they are welcome at restaurants - even if they doze off while eating! Contrararily, she has been discriminated against and asked to leave from those restaurants for not being able to purchase food for more than a dollar or two or for dozing off mainly due to an injury-related disability! She has also been discriminated against at shelters because of evil manipulations of that criminal and had to end up sitting on bus benches at nights for years in spite of serious painful medical problems and treatments. Needless to mention from schools too for not being able to receive the protection of Fourteenth Amendment Rights. She could not turn to anyone other than GOD above and shared the realizations of her spiritual life with everyone around. Amidst utter helplessness, she felt warm encouragement for being awarded the Women Of Distinction Award last year under Education category from 65th District in OC.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  As for the High-need students like her, whose careers have been, eclipsed by homelessness and, uncertainties of materializations of any permanent shelter. Title 5 Regulations for Student  Success, has not yet made any plans even to set any quota to ensure housing, food supply  through reliable food banks to provide nutritious foods on time, funds for books and supplies, student health fee waivers and transportation. Criteria for Eligibility, for example, drug/alcohol free, high GPA, high moral, ethical standards, to avail of such privileges, have not yet been determined by the proponents of the Student Success programs either at school or the Community College level! Please read the rest, included under position #2, as suggested by VoterEdge staff on10/11/16



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